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ESCB is implementing following training courses on Public Procurement under PPRP-II.

Main procurement training course: 3 week long training course on Public Procurement Management under the contractual agreement with Fineurope, a Consultant engaged by the CPTU of IME Division of Ministry of Planing, Government of Bangladesh, started in October,2008. 3 week long residential training course on Public Procurement Management has been successfully completed for 53 batches of 30 participants (av)upto June,2011. Under PPRP-II 80 such courses will be completed by March,2013. The participants are joining largely from 4 target agencies RHD, LGED, REB & BWDB and others are from public sector agencies. The three week training course modules on Goods, Works, Services and Supply-Chain management are developed by local and expatriate experts under CPTU management.

Training of procurement focal person (PFP): This is an intensive advance three week course designed specifically for the leading procurement professionals at the identified target agencies and IMED/ CPTU; other agencies in the public sector. The course is a combination of compliance and competence skills training, so far two PFP courses have been completed.

Short training course for junior level officers: Junior level staff of procuring entities who assist in estimates, accounting and/or associated with procurement activities will be trained on a short course with customized module. This may vary 2-3 days depending on the kind of audience and the procurement activities.

 Trining on BOT/BOOT/BOO/Concessions Contract: This one-week training will emphasize on public-private partnership contractual arrangements for large infrastructure projects. It will be proved in ESCB with participants mainly from the four target agencies (RHD, LGED, REB and BWDB).

Short training course for private/corporate bodies: ESCB is designing short training course on Goods, Works, and Services with necessary focus on the areas like rules/regulation, preparation of bids etc. depending on requirement of the requiring end. All such courses will be based on costs paid by the participants. Seven days training courses on public procurement for " Power sector capacity development program( PSCDP)" for power sector officers had been commenced from March,11 and 5 such courses are being completed in the hired venue of IEB, Dhaka.

List of Completed Procurement Courses