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Course Title   Training Course on Microcontroller (27th Batch).
Course Duration   on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm; 36 hours, 12 classes.
Course Contents  
  • Introduction of various types of microcontroller
  • Applications of microcontroller
  • Available microcontroller in Bangladesh
  • Introduction to microcontroller programmer
  • Installation of softwares for PIC series microcontroller
  • Installation of simulation softwares for microcontrollers
  • Introduction to some basics of programming language C
  • Inputs and outputs of PIC
  • Carefulness for Inputs and outputs
  • Basics of 7-segment display
  • Basics of LCD display
  • How to display characters, numbers in different position of LCD
  • Features of LCD display
  • Troubleshoot of the LCD display
  • Basics of timer
  • How to configure a timer
  • Understanding timer interrupt
  • Clock speed in timer
  • Digital clock using microcontroller
  • Basics of external interrupt
  • Professional start/stop input using interrupt
  • Basic of frequency meter
  • Interval calculation using timer and interrupt
  • Basics of power factor meter
  • Construction of PFI plant using microcontroller
  • A/D converter
  • Voltage measurement using microcontroller
  • Usage of amplifier is different types of transducers
  • Measurement of temperature, humidity
  • Over voltage protection for lines
  • EPROM in microcontroller
  • Save microcontroller data when power is not available
  • Switch mode power supply using microcontroller
Course Benefits   Now a days microcontrollers are being used in maximum electronic appliances for the better performance, cheap price and compactness in size. That�s why the knowledge on microcontroller is necessary.

In this course the typical features of microcontrollers will be discussed. The classes are designed in such a way that the knowledge of the class can be shared with lab works.

After the completion of the course, the trainees will be able to understand the mechanism of measuring instruments like Voltmeter, Ammeter, Power Factor Meter, temperature measuring equipments etc. The trainees will also be able to understand the microprocessor based instrumentation.
Who Should Attend  
  • Participants should have basic electrical knowledge.
  • Participants should have basic idea about the logic circuit, for example: AND gate, OR gate etc
  • Participant should have the basics of any kind of programming language C. (microcontroller only requires the idea of IF, FOR and functions)
Number of Participant   The maximum number of participants in one batch will be 25 on first come first serve basis.
Venue   Training Lab, ESCB City Campus
Course Fee   Tk. 5,500/- per participant, Tk. 5,000/- for members of IEB, Tk. 4,500/- for fresh graduate engineers.
Last Date of Receiving Nomination