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Course Title   Training Course on Instrumentation and Control Engineering (9th Batch)
Course Duration   12-Jul-2024 To 02-Aug-2024 On every Friday
Time:10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
24 hours, 4 classes
Course Contents  
  1. Introduction to Industrial Measurement instrument
  2. - Basic units of measurement
    - Different measuring instrument
    - Calibration of instrument
    - Symbol of instrument.
    - Electrical and instrument drawing.
    - Different primary sensors for measurement used in factory.
    - Instrument signal standardization and transmission.
    - Different receiving and recording instrument.
  3. Industrial process variable measurement.
  4. - Temperature measurement
    - Pressure measurement
    - Level measurement (liquid and solid)
    - Flow rate and total quantity measurement
    - Electrical power and current measurement.
    - Modern monitoring and recoding system
  5. Different type of signal transmitter and receiving instrument.
  6. - Pneumatic transmitter
    - Electronic and digital transmitter
    - Different type of instrument signal transmission.
    - Different receiving and recording instrument.
  7. Industrial process control.
  8. - An introduction to industrial process control.
    - Different operating modes of controller.
    - Different strategic control loop
    - Miscellaneous.
  9. Introduction to use of PLC in industrial measurement and control.
  10. - Functional description of PLC
    - Different programming language
    - Principle of program execution
    - Relay instructions functions
    - Timer and Counter Instructions
    - Math functions
  11. An automation project
  12. - Design, development and operation of a small plant.
Course Benefits   We strongly believe that this course will be of great benefit to the participating organizations as well as the individuals.
Who Should Attend   Engineers, Scientists, Maintenance managers/supervisors working in production/ manufacturing/ chemical process plants like power plant, paper mills, textile mills, sugar mills, water treatment plant, food processing plant, steam generation plant, different chemical process plant, Managers working in marketing of industrial automation instruments, designing of automation systems are welcome to attend this training program as well as fresh engineers.
Number of Participant   The maximum number of participants in one batch will be 25 on first come first serve basis.
Venue   PLC Lab, ESCB City Campus,
IEB H/Q, Ramna, Dhaka-1000
Course Fee   Tk. 6,000/- per participant & Tk. 5,500/- for members of IEB
Last Date of Receiving Nomination