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            Course Title
Course Start On
Chart Analysis / Technical Analysis using Elliott Wave Principle09-03-2019Details
Developing Management Information System (MIS) in PHP/MYSQL Track: (Module-A, B & C) 10-03-2019Details
Website Design and Development (Module-A) 10-03-2019Details
Computer Fundamentals, Windows 7 & MS Office 200713-03-2019Details
AutoCAD (3D), SKETCHUP (3D), (Modeling) VRAY (Day & Night Rendering and Photoshop (Post Production)13-03-2019Details
Training on Computer Fundamental & E-Filing (Off line)13-03-2019Details
IEB Certified LAN & WAN Administrator (Module-I, II & III)14-03-2019Details
Certificate in LAN & WAN Administrating with Windows 2012 Server (Module-I & II) 14-03-2019Details
Certificate in LAN & WAN Administrating and ISP Setup with LINUX (Module-I & III) 14-03-2019Details
Hardware Maintenance, Trouble Shooting & Networking Essentials (Module-I) 14-03-2019Details
Photoshop + Illustrator14-03-2019Details
Mail Server Administration15-03-2019Details
Graphic Design 17-03-2019Details
Geographic Information System (GIS), Using AutoCAD Map, Arcinfo & ArcView18-03-2019Details
MYSQL (Module-C)19-03-2019Details
3D Studio MAX with render + Photoshop (Post Production)20-03-2019Details
Data Analysis and Management Using (Cs Pro and SPSS) 21-03-2019Details
Linux System Administrator and Mikrotik Router (Module- III) 22-03-2019Details
Basic Concept on Financial Management23-03-2019Details
REVIT Architecture25-03-2019Details
RDBMS Programming with Oracle 10g & Developer 10g 29-03-2019Details
AutoCAD (2D)10-04-2019Details
Practical Networking with Wireless LAN (Project Oriented)10-06-2019Details
Content Management System using Wordpress & Joomla12-06-2019Details
Networking (LAN & WAN) & System Administrating with Windows 2012 Server (Module-II) 16-06-2019Details
CCNA Routing and Switching (200-125)17-06-2019Details
Web Programming PHP and Apache/IIS with Windows/Linux (Module-B)19-06-2019Details
JAVA Programming21-06-2019Details
Tekla Software for Civil Engineers22-06-2019Details
Programming with Visual Basic .Net08-07-2019Details
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), design and simulation through software (ANSYS FLUENT)09-10-2020Details