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Course Title   Training Course on "Subsoil Investigation" (4th Batch)
Course Duration   20-Jun-2019 To 22-Jun-2019 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).

Day 1: 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Lectures.
Day 2: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Lectures.
Day 3: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Field visit: Subsoil investigation site and soil testing laboratory visit.
Course Contents   1. Engineering Geology of Bangladesh.
2. Engineering Properties of Soil.
3. Planning the Subsoil Investigation Program.
a) Geological data of the site and adjacent area.
b) Flood and drainage data.
c) Number and depth of boreholes
d) EGL and Formation level of the site.
4. Methods of Drilling and Sampling.
a) Drilling methods.
b) Soil sampling.
c) Locating the water table.
d) Field identification of soil.
5. In-Situ Tests.
a) SPT.
b) CPT.
c) Vane shear test.
d) Pressure meter test.
e) Dilatometer test.
f) The borehole shear test.
g) Plate load test.
6. Laboratory Tests.
7. Soil Classification Methods.
8. The Subsoil Investigation Report.
Course Benefits   We strongly believe that this course will be of great benefit to the participating organizations as well as the individuals.

There is no institution in Bangladesh where formal course on Subsoil Investigation is offered for producing professionals in this field. As a result, country is suffering from shortage of such professional in relation to fast growing building infrastructures. Majority of the buildings are being built giving less importance to this aspect of specialization. So occupants are becoming victims of untold miseries resulting from bad practices in Subsoil Investigation sector in the country. Engineering Staff College, Bangladesh being the only institution for continuous development of engineers and other professionals is taking the initiative for developing professionals in the field of design, construction & so on.
Who Should Attend   Engineers and architects interested or associated with the relevant jobs. Also the Civil / Structural engineers who are involved in design and construction of buildings & different types of structures should attend the course.
Number of Participant   25 Person
Venue   Training Lab, ESCB City Campus
Course Fee   Tk. 4,500.00, Tk. 4,000.00 for IEB members.
Last Date of Receiving Nomination