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Course Title   Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), design and simulation through software (ANSYS FLUENT)
Course Duration  
4 DAY course – 9:00am to 5:00pm
Course Contents  
  • Introduction to CFD
  • Preprocessing
  • Numerical Solution
  • Post-processing
  • Governing equations for CFD
  • The continuity equation, the momentum equation, the energy equation, the additional equations for turbulent flow, generic form of governing equations for CFD, physical boundary conditions of the governing equations.
  • CFD techniques: Discretization of governing equations, converting governing equations to algebraic equation system.
  • Numerical solutions to the algebraic equations, SIMPLE scheme, Multi-grid method
  • CFD Solution Analysis
  • Consistency, Stability, Convergence, Accuracy and efficiency
  • Verification and Validation
  • Guidelines on grid generation
  • Guidelines for boundary conditions
  • Guidelines for turbulence modeling
Course Benefits  
  1. Pre-process different types of geometries using appropriate meshing techniques.
  2. Apply finite volume approach to solve selected fluid flow governing solutions.
  3. Post-process CFD results.
  4. Quantify errors and uncertainties in CFD simulations.
At the end of the training, participants are expected to be able to:
  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and specialization to solve complex engineering problems.
  • Identify, formulate, perform relevant literature review and analyze complex engineering problems, reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering sciences.
  • Design solutions whilst exhibiting innovativeness, for complex engineering problems and design systems, components or processes that meet specified needs with appropriate consideration of cost, sustainability issues, environmental impact, public health and safety, engineering ethics as well as cultural and social needs.
  • Conduct investigation on complex problems whilst displaying creativity by using research based knowledge and method, including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data; synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions.
  • Create and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering/IT tools, which includes making prediction and modeling of the complex engineering activities with understanding of limitations
  • Apply reasoning based on contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal, cultural, contemporary issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to professional engineering practices.
  • Understanding the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal, global and environmental contexts and demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development.
  • Apply professional ethics and commit to responsibilities and norms of professional engineering code of practices.
  • Communicate effectively within the engineering community and with the society at large which include but not limited to writing effective reports and documentation, delivering effective presentation as well as giving and receiving clear instructions.
  • Able to function effectively both as an individual or member of a team, or a leader in a diversified multi-disciplinary team settings.
  • Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning in the broadest context of technological change.
  • Demonstrate and apply engineering management and financial principles into one’s work which include being and effective member/leader in projects with multi-disciplinary settings and identify opportunities of entrepreneurship.
Who Should Attend  
Number of Participant  
Venue   ESCB City campus, IEB HQs, Ramna, Dhaka-1000
Course Fee   Tk. 9,500/=
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