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Course Title   Oracle Database 11g/12c Administration (Oracle DBA)
Course Duration   50 hrs (40 hrs workshop+10 hrs project), Starts as soon as 15 participants get registered.
The course length will be 6 weeks with three classes in each week and 3 hours in each class.
Course Contents   Course Overview, Core Concepts and Architecture of Oracle Database, Common DBA Tasks & Tools, Installing Database Software and creating database, Configuring Network Environment, Oracle SQL (Basics of SQL statements, Restricting and sorting data, Single row functions, Aggregating Group functions, Displaying data from multiple table, Sub-queries, Manipulating data, Creating and managing tables, etc.), Oracle PL/SQL (PL/SQL blocks, logic statements, If-Else, Loop, Exception Handing, Input/Output Statements, Procedures, Functions, and Triggers), Administering User Account and Security (Create and Manage User Accounts, Grant and Revoke Privileges, Create and Manage Roles, Create and Manage Profiles), Data Dictionary Views (Using Data Dictionary, Types of Views and Querying the Data Dictionary View Information, Using the Dynamic Performance Views), Managing Schema Objects (Tables, Index, Views etc.), Performing Backups & Recovery (Managing Backups and the Flash Recovery Area, Concepts of Hot and Cold Backups, Consistent and Inconsistent Backups, Backing up Control files, Datafiles, Using Archived Log Techniques, Using the RMAN Command Line, Recovering from a Lost Control File, Recovering Non-Critical and Critical Data Files), Monitoring and tuning Database.
Course Benefits   Oracle is the world’s no.1 Database Management System. By learning this course, you can be Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA). This course will also help you to earn Oracle Certifications, i.e. OCA, OCP.
Who Should Attend   This course is for those who aim to be Database Administrator. Also for those who are performing the role of Database Administrator/Technical Administrator/Support Engineer/Technical Consultant/Software Developer in the ICT sector.
Number of Participant   15
Venue   ESCB City Campus
Course Fee   BDT 15,000
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Technical Contact

Engr. Ilias Ahmed, OCP (DBA), Cell: 01711 227 332, Email: